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Skills: How to use your Library

The "Tweak my results" section, on the right side of the Brief Results page, contains a list of categories, or filters. By including and excluding these filters (such as date, author, record type, and so forth), you can narrow the search results to get the results you are seeking:


Filter the results by document availability:

  • Full text online: electronic documents available full text through Library data bases

  • Available in the Library: physical documents available in any of the UC3M libraries

  • Open Access: electronic documents available full text through Open Access

  • Peer-reviewed Journals: documents published in peer-reviewed journals (academic seal of quality)

Resource type Filter the documents by type of content (book, article, dataset, patent, audiovisual...)
Topic Filter the documents by subject from generic to specific(e.g. Economics, Macroeconomics, Social economies ...).
Creator Filter the documents by specific author or collaborator
Publication date

Set a publication date interval to filter results


See only holdings from one of the UC3M libraries (only in print or audiovisual content)


See only results from a specific UC3M data base (only electronic collections)


Course bibliography

Filter the results to the course readings of a specific UC3M titulation subject


By using Expand my results option the searcher will display also content not held by UC3M libraries (not always full text available).

Refine your search to see only the search results that fit with the filters.

Step 1: Select one or more filters, combine them.



Step 2: Apply filters





See active filters:




Make active filters persistent throughout the search session by pointing on each filter name and clicking on icon Candado or Remember all filters  to make all filters persistent.




Discard all active filters by clicking on Remove filters, or discard each filter using x.

To exclude contents from search results using search filters just select each filter. 


Then, see active filters:


Active filters will be discarded with each new search, so make it persistent throughout different searches by clicking on iconCandado over each filter name.




Discard all active filters by clicking on Reset filters, or discard each filter using x.