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Skills: How to use your Library
HANDBOOKS (Manuales) books recommended for students to follow subjects from Degree or Master, course readings to be found in Library searcher and Aula Global

SPECIALIZED (Fondo Especializado)

books recommended for professors and researchers, available for every Library user
REFERENCE WORK (Referencia) (not on loan) sources of information such as dictionaries, encylopaedias, atlases, bibliographies, yearbooks, or statistics 
JOURNALS (Revistas) (not on loan) most of them can be also found in electronic collections
LEGAL REFERENCE (Colección legislativa) laws and treaties, court cases and law practice
LEISURE (Colección de ocio) literature, comics and travel guides
LANGUAGES (Colección de idiomas) dictionaries, grammar books, learning methods, level readings, audiobooks, films and different materials to learn languages
BASIC TEXTS (Textos básicos) (only in Engineering Library, EPS Leganés) one single item of some handbooks not on loan, to be read within the premises
AUDIOVISUALS (Audiovisuales) films, TV series, documentaries in DVD and video, and music in CD-A, CD-ROM and DVD


1. Write down the call number (signatura topográfica) to be found in the register of each book in the Library searcher

2. This book is available in Biblioteca de Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas (Getafe) with call number S 519.22 PEÑ

3. Find in that library the room indicated, Planta 2ª, Sala

4. Find in library stacks the number 519.22, meaning the subject Statistics

5. In a shelf with 519.22 in it, look in alphabetical order for books with the letter 

6. This book shows a visible white label with the call number S 519.22 PEÑ

Call numbers as... lead to...
S 519.22 PEÑ or D 519.22 PEÑ Biblioteca de Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas (Getafe)
H/S 519.22 PEÑ or H/D 519.22 PEÑ Biblioteca de Humanidades, Comunicación y Documentación (Getafe)
L/S 519.22 PEÑ or L/D 519.22 PEÑ Biblioteca de la Escuela Politécnica Superior (Leganés)
C/S 519.22 PEÑ or C/D 519.22 PEÑ Biblioteca del Campus de Colmenarejo
PT/S 519.22 PEÑ  Biblioteca del Campus Madrid - Puerta de Toledo