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Turnitin guide: Reports: display and interpretation

Once a report is generated, it is archived in Aula Global and no changes can be made. What you can do is apply filters to a report, download it and save a copy of the filtered file.    

Report: display and interpretation

Now you can see the generated report:

If you press on the color box, the report opens                                                                           

The text provided by the student appears (the student's name and the title of the paper will be in the upper area of the screen), in which the parts where matches have been found are highlighted.


In the right side we will find the report display options and settings.


Which options are they?

1. Match overview

2. All sources

3. Filters and settings

4. Download

By clicking on the number (match overview), a box opens with the sources the detected matches come from:

If we click on the number of the different sources, we will go to the document parts in which a coincidence is found:


If you click the link you can see the original source.

In the case of student papers submitted to institutions other than UC3M, the document data does not appear for privacy reasons. There is the option of requesting permission from the other institution to consult the paper.


You can exclude some sources using the icon , marking the source you want to exclude from the analysis and clicking the corresponding button.

You can also introduce filters in the report settings now, such as excluding bibliography and quotes or minor sources, if you didn't do it before.

To do this, you click on this icon  and mark the corresponding option, so that the matching percentage is modified.

Finally, it is possible to download the report clicking on the icon . There are several download options: