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Turnitin guide: Turnitin assignment settings

Creating a Turnitin assignment in Aula Global - STEPS

To create a Turnitin assignment:

  1. Go to the corresponding course. Turn editing on 
  2. Press:
  3. Choose option Turnitin Assignment 2 and press Add:



Now you have to set the assignment you have created.



Choose a name and write a description if you think it is necessary

You can modify these options:
1. Number of parts

3. Grade

5. Common module settings

2. Display originality reports

4. Originality report settings

6. Restrict access

1. Number of parts. By default, in the configuration of a Turnitin assignment, submissions are in one part. 

In an one part assignment, professors can allow that students submit the same exercise several times within the prescribed period, and each new submit will erase the previous one. How can you allow several submissions of the same exercise? See the point 4. Originality report settings.

If you want the students to submit several documents, you should configure the number of parts you want they submit.


2. Display originality reports to students if you want them to see the originality report (in which they appear highlighted the parts where a match has been found) 


3. Grade: it is the same as the other Aula Global activities. Direct grading is not available in Turnitin assignments, therefore these exercises must be graded manually in the Grader report.

Choose a start date and due date to submit the exercise, like in any other activity of Aula Global. (We recommend to set the same post date as the due date)



4. Originality report settings, in this section there are several questions to consider:

4.1 - How to allow several submissions of one document? 

REPORT GENERATION SPEED: Choose the options 2 or 3 of these:

  1. Generate reports immediately (students cannot resubmit)
  2. Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date).
  3. Generate reports on due date (students can resubmit until due date).

It is possible to change options even when submits have started

4.2 - You should decide if the documents that students are going to submit will be stored in the Turnitin database (Standard repository) or not (No repository). By default, every exercise has the Standard repository activated, make sure that you want to store the document, otherwise select "No repository"  

This option will store the document in Turnitin for future comparisions.  


 If  you want the students to submit several (provisional) versions of an exercise, note that you should enable first the option 2, that is explained in the previous point, 4.1,  "Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date)" in Report Generation Speed, and that while it is carried out in the same exercise, Turnitin will not produce comparisons between successive submissions.   

​Select this option when the same document is going to be uploaded several times, for instance, if the professor uploads a document on behalf of a student as a test. This prevents plagiarism detection with the same document.

For instance, if a professor creates a Turnitin assignment test in the subject A, and the student uploads a test document, he/she must mark this option. If he/she doesn't, when the student submits the definitive document in the subject B, he/she will get a very high percentage of plagiarism.



4.3 - The next options refers to the document types with which Turnitin is going to compare the exercises: 

It is important that you configure correctly this options before submissions start.

We recommend select "Yes" in all of them

"Check against stored student papers": it is convenient to select "yes" option.

We also must keep the "yes" option in sections "Exclude bibliography" and "Exclude quoted material" so that bibliography and quotes will not be considered plagiarized material.

Quotes must be in quotation marks so that Turnitin does not consider them plagiarism. We recommend to use the Word quote format so that Turnitin interprets it correctly  

To avoid a high coincidence percentage you can also "Exclude small matches", that is, not taking into account those matches that are less than a certain number or a percentage of words.

Afterwards, when the professor consults the originality report, he/she can see the cases in which Turnitin detects matches and he/she can evaluate or even exclude some of the sources o matching types, and can also to save this filtered report in a local unit, but this will not modify the firs report originated from the student document in Aula Global.


If you don't want that Turnitin generates originality reports yo must select "No" in the three first options "Check..." 

 Grade Mark options  aren't available.


5. Common module settings 

For making available or hiding the assignment until a certain moment, you should modify the corresponding section in the option "Common module settings". If you have divided students into groups, you can choose if they can see the others' assignments or not.


6. Restrict access

Once the assignment is created, students can make their submits within the established deadlines.

1.  How does a student submit a document? 

They should press "Submit Paper":

Once the paper is submitted, the student will receive a digital receipt:

2. Professors can also submit papers on behalf of a student   

Ideally, professors will generate the Turnitin assignment for students to upload assignments to. But if this is not possible or the papers have already been delivered by another route, the professor can generate a Turnitin Assignment in his course (even hidden) and make the delivery on behalf of the student.

If professors submit a paper on behalf of a student as a test, please note that, unless you select the "No repository" option, this document will be saved in the Turnitin database and will be available for future comparisions, being able to give 100 % plagiarism in a final submission. 

You will see the submissions in the paper inbox:

The names of the students will appear in the different columns, and as the papers are uploaded, the title of each one, the identifier of the same in Turnitin, the date of modification and the column where the percentage of similarty that the tool has found also will appear. As we have seen before, the grading of the task is not available and must be done in the grader report of the subject.

​You also will find this linkable symbol: . Through it, you can send yourself a student's paper for the tool to analyze, although the most normal thing is for students to do it.           

When a paper is uploaded and analyzed, the inbox will look like this:


As you can see, a color box and a percentage already appear. Colors vary based on the percentage of similarity in the reports. When the tool has not yet generated the report, the box will appear in grey:

Once the report is generated, the colored box will be shown with the corresponding percentage.
Pressing the colored box ("Similarity" column), we will be able to see the generated report