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Turnitin guide: FAQ

1. Which content can be analysed by Turnitin? ▼

Turnitin analyses only text but not images or text introduced in a document as an image.

2. Is there any limit on the size or length of the document? ▼

Yes, the maximum size for a document is 40 Mb or 400 pages long. If you need further information about this subject, please check File types supported bu Turnitin.

3. Is there a minimum number of words or characters required in the document to be analyzed? ▼

Yes, the document must content at least 20 words or 100 characters to be analysed by Turnitin.

4. Which similarity percentage establishes plagiarism? ▼

There are no rules. Some degrees establish a 10% of similarity. If smaller coincidences are excluded, the result should be lower. It is important to take in account that the report can be modified to correct the first analysis. Sometimes the similarities are due to wrongly constructed citations (e.g. citations are not in quotation marks, etc.)

5. Does the student also receive the Turnitin similarity report? ▼

Yes, if the tutor chooses the option Allow students to see similarity reports when setting up the assessment. It could be at the time of submission by the student or at the date the tutor has indicated for publishing the report.

6. What should you do if you have an issue with a document that has already been submitted to Turnitin? ▼

The submission must not be deleted under any circumstances. The Turnitin Paper ID should be registered and then you should contact Taller del Aula providing this ID number.

7. Is it possible to detect coincidences between assignments of students in the same course? ▼

Yes. From the very moment a student submits a document (if the professor chose Standard paper repository) the tool compares it with Internet and the Turnitin repository, therefore the tool can detect if the students copy each other.

8. Does Turnitin compare documents that already have been submitted on an assignment, even if the due date is not finished? ▼

Yes, from the very moment a student submits a document, Turnitin begins to compare it with the documents that have submitted yet. It does not depend on the due date or the moment when the report is generated.

9. Can the Turnitin properties be changed once created the task? ▼

Not all of them (you cannot change, for example, the "exclude bibliography" or "exclude citations" options). And even the ones that can be changed would only affect those who turned in the assignments later (keep this in mind because this can create comparative differences between students).

10. Is it possible to transform an Assignment in Aula Global that was not initially created as a Turnitin assignment and has already received submissions? ▼

The tutor has two options: ask the students to submit the documents again through Turnitin or submit the documents him/herself. For doing so, it is necessary to click on the cloud icon on the right of the student name and submit it.

12. Is it possible to test students' draft papers in Turnitin prior to the definitive work? ▼

Yes, it is up to the tutor to determine if the document is a draft version or the final version that will be later submitted to other Turnitin Assignment ( e.g. Tribunal course) If the document is a draft, the Assignment should be set up as a 'No Repository' one. If it is a test and the student will submit the document in the same Turnitin assignment and it allows several submissions, then the tutor can choose 'Standard Repository'.

13. Can a student use Turnitin during the thesis writing process? ▼

Students can only use Turnitin through Aula Global. Only tutors (teacher/editor role) can create a Turnitin assignment, but it is important to set up the assignment as a 'No repository' one, to avoid a high percentage of similarity when the students submit the final version.

14. Why does Turnitin sometimes not take as citations the paragraphs written in quotation marks? ▼

It can happen, for instance, if a student copies a paragraph from a PDF file into Word. To solve this, copied text must be converted to plain text before it is pasted into Word. .

15. Is it possible to add comments or review notes to the Originality Report in ordert to show it to the students? ▼

It is not possible because GradeMark, the tool that allows this action, is not subscribed by the University. The only possibility is to do so in an Aula Global regular assignment but without plagiarism checking. There are some tutors who combine both, but doing so, students must submit their documents twice. The regular assignment has an advantage: it is possible grading it directly from the student submission. The tutor can also download the Originality Report and edit it with Word as a PDF file. The report can then be sent to the student by email.

16. What is the Digital Receipt that Turnitin sent when a document is submitted useful for? ▼

It lets the student know that Turnitin has received his/her document.

17. What languages does Turnitin compare? ▼

Compare with the language of the document, that is, if the work is in Spanish, it does not compare with documents in English.

18. Can the filter be defined in the configuration? That is, if the match is less than a certain number of words, enough of the percentage of similarity... ▼

Yes, in the configuration of the exercise there is the option "Exclude coincidences" that allows adding a filter by number or percentage of words.

19. If a student makes a mistake when uploading the document ... How can we reverse the submission of the document so that they can upload it again? ▼

As long as it is on time and always in the same Turnitin exercise, the student can deliver multiple times if the option to allow second submissions has been chosen. Note that by default all Turnitin has the option “Generate reports immediately (students cannot make second submissions)”, so you must change it.

20. Can student submissions be deleted if they are already delivered in the Turnitin Deposit? ▼

To delete student submissions, you must request it from your Classroom Workshop. It is essential to have the delivery ID..

21. On turnitin, can submissions be anonymized? ▼

No, that option is only available in the "Assignment" activity in Aula Global.

22.  Why does Turnitin sometimes put submissions on hold and not generate the originality report? ▼

It can be due to several causes, but the most common is that when the student makes the submission, a screen opens with the information of the Turnitin conditions of use and they must press the "accept" button of these conditions for the process to continue. But sometimes, due to the browser configuration, the student does not see the button and closes the warning screen or simply does not know that he must accept them. In this way the work is delivered but not analyzed. The solution is for the student to make a re-submission (provided that the Turnitin configuration in question allows it) or, alternatively, for the professor to make the submission on behalf of the student (deleting the previous submission first). Remember that as long as you submit it on the same Turnitin there will be no matching issues with a previous submission.

23. The list of bibliography -or resource list- can create problems in Turnitin analysis of the document? ▼

Yes. We have observed that on occasions, when the list of bibliography or sources is at the beginning of the document, after the index, Turnitin considers that all the rest of the document is part of that list, and therefore -if the option "Exclude Bibliography" is configured- the system does not analyze the document. As once the delivery of the students has started, it is not possible to change this parameter, the only option is to exclude the bibliography from the report itself. In the student report you see a menu on the right. Click on "Application tools", the options will open on the left and choose "Filters and settings"  

  Another screen will open

Exclude the Bibliography.
Applying the filters (below) you will see a new match result. This change will remain within the report, but the original % will still appear on the screen of student submissions.