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What’s New in Business - Amadeus Full

Do you need accounting and financial information about small and medium-sized European firms?

(Source: Amadeus, Bureau van Dijk)

If you need accounting and financial information about small and medium-sized European firms, the Library offers you the chance to consult the  Amadeus Full database, whose coverage has recently been expanded, so that now it contains data on about 24 million public and private companies. Just select the variable "Category of companies" and then mark the filter options.

Remember that via this resource, you can also access news and sector reports. Lastly, if you need to download a large amount of data, it is advisable to consult the data base from the WRDS platform

What’s New in Business - Statista

Do you need sector reports and market studies and still haven’t found the information you’re looking for?

(Source: Statista)

​The Library now offers you a new resource, the statistics portal STATISTA, thanks to which you can find not only sector reports, market studies and consumer analyses but also different specialized files on the latest subjects, like e-commerce, along with the most representative statistical data on the subjects analyzed.

The resource offers different ways to find information: through keywords (for example, e-commerce, if that is the aim of your study) and then filtering by the category of interest, or from the top menu, selecting the “Reports” tab, and choosing the type of study from the drop-down menu.

Statista offers more than 60 sector reports that are updated annually, contain sales forecasts and allow direct, simple access to those most consulted. The market studies are also updated annually. In addition, thanks to the Global Survey tool, it is possible to obtain specific data on different areas of consumer behavior, and even generate personalized analyses by selecting our variables and study groups.

More information about this resource can be found in its tutorials and webinars.

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