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Open Educational Resources: Images

Search Engines and Collections of Images

How to search for reusable images on search engines

When you search for images on search engines which include reusable and non-reusable images, it is important to filter the search by obtaining results with images that permit their use.

Locate these filters when you search.


An example of a filter by license on Flickr.

Create images with Artificial Intelligence

Obtain images from a descriptive text through Artificial Intelligence applications:

  • Hugging Face. The images are licensed CreativeML Open RAIL-M and allow their reuse.

How to cite the source of an image

If you have found an image that you can reuse, you must cite the source.

Example of how to cite an image:

Turquoise street, Matthieu Sévère, CC BY 2.0,

Title, Author, License, URL



Reverse image search

If you have an image whose source you can’t remember, do a reverse search to locate the original source and see the conditions of use.

  • Google images: click on the camera icon to search for an image. Help.
  • TinEye: do image searches on the basis of an image that they have provided you. Help.
  • Bing:click on the camera icon to search for an image.

Image Edting

If you want to adapt an image, as long as the license permits it, there are free editing tools.